A native German

Yvonne is a licensed "Pferdewirtschaftsmeisterin”—one of the few Federation Equestrian National certified Trainers in Germany and America.

Her home base is in Dallas, Texas at Rocking M Stables where she trains her personal and her clients' horses. She works with students both at home and at Dressage shows.

Yvonne will selectively accept new clients for training and/or lessons.


Right after school

While horses have been a lifelong passion, Yvonne began a career within the German business sector before dedicating her life to the Equestrian sport. Immediately after graduating from high school, Yvonne enrolled in business School. She then started a three year corporate apprenticeship and earned her business degree.

At the same time she continued her Equestrian training, earning Equestrian Training Licenses C and B from the German Federation. After graduating from the apprenticeship program, she worked for two years in an office environment. During that time she still rode horses and coached students in the local community.

Starting a profession with horses

Unfulfilled by a career in the business sector, she travelled and found work in Ireland and Portugal as a rider and trainer. She returned from Portugal to pursue a career, entering the two year apprenticeship program at the German Equestrian State College in Vechta studying the disciplines of Dressage, Jumping and Cross Country. Yvonne completed the Bereiter program in Warendorf with Honors.

Immediately after completing her training at the German Equestrian State College, Yvonne continued her training for one year at a German Breeding and Training facility in Australia. She returned to Germany where she accepted employment at stall Paul Schockemoehle in Muehlen. Her primary function was to train horses in Dressage and Jumping in preparation for shows, auctions and stallion presentations. Each December Paul Schockemoehle and Hof Kasselmann host the Performance Sales International (PSI) auction—arguably the most elite and prestigious internationally known Dressage and Jumping horse auction with a sales volume up to 15 Million Euros.

Yvonne moved to the United States

in 2008 when she was offered the position of Head Trainer and Program Director at Rocking M Stables in Dallas, Texas. In 2011 she returned to Germany for six months to finish the Equine Master Course. Yvonne was tested in front of three judges in Warendorf over a period of three days in:

• Riding and teaching 4th Level Dressage
• Four foot Jumping
• Theory, which covered developing horses from Training Level to Grand Prix

Horse health, including shoeing, saddle fitting, stable management and much more.

Yvonne is certified to personally take on an apprentice and prepare the individual to become a certified Bereiter F.N. An apprenticeship lasts between three and four years and ends with a two week course and Final Exam in Warendorf.

Most recently she has trained with:

Jeremy Steinberg

USEF Youth coach, Grand Prix rider and trainer, California



Peter Borggreve

Head trainer and rider at the Landgestuet (state breeding facility)
Warendorf, Germany



Lisa Wilcox

2004 Olympic Team Bronze Medalist, Florida 



Jan Ebeling

2012 Olympic Team Gold Medalist, California



David Blake

Works side by side with US Olympian Steffen Peters, California






Jochen Rothleitner 

Bereiter at the Spanish Riding school, Vienna



Alex Wortmann

German licensed trainer, Canada



Hannes Mueller

Head of the Deutsche Reitschule Warendorf, Germany



Eckart Meyners

Equine Seat Kinetics Specialist, Germany